The VMC Group
The VMC Group


Preapproval of Special Seismic Certification by The VMC Group’s Engineering Services Division, is a Seismic Qualification Program for equipment manufacturers. Products that successfully complete this preapproval process will receive a Special Seismic Certification VMA Number as a ‘Certificate of Compliance’ that after a Design Earthquake the Designated Seismic System shall maintain structural integrity and functionality.

The VMC Group and their engineering services division became the first organization to receive independent recognition as a “Certified Seismic Qualification Agency” and has been providing IBC® Certification for Fortune 500 manufacturers of HVAC, power generation and fire protection systems.

The VMC scope is limited to components that require Special Seismic Certification in accordance with the IBC® (International Building Code®) Chapters 16 & 17, ASCE7-10 Section 3.2.2 and ICC-ES AC156 or components that require Special Seismic Certification.