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I have been with VMC Group for over 5 years as their Wire Rope Applications Engineer. I work out of the Bloomingdale, NJ location. As the Wire Rope Applications Engineer, I design and recommend wire rope isolators for aerospace and defense applications, including submarines, weapons & missile systems, and even rockets to Mars. Every day is an exciting new experience, and I am proud to be a part of a company that can surmount any challenge. My favorite part about working for VMC Group is the people I get to interact with daily. My coworkers are very supportive, and the clients are grateful for the engineering services we provide them. I've been fortunate enough to visit on-site projects, conferences, and even give presentations in Pittsburgh, San Jose, Tampa, Houston, Reno, and New York City while at VMC.

Tyler F.

I have been with VMC Group for almost 4 years. I started as an IBC Project Engineer and now I am an IBC Engineering Supervisor. I work out of the Bloomingdale, NJ location. My main responsibility in this position is to supervise the IBC engineering team which conducts testing and analysis for seismic and wind certification of non-structural building components. My favorite part about my position is learning about and serving the many different industries and equipment which we test and certify; i.e power generation, HVAC, control systems. My favorite part about the company are the people that work here, especially those that are on my team! I also enjoy attending the physical shake testing programs across the country.

Ryan C.

I have been with VMC Group for a total of 9 years as their Senior Technical Specialist. I work out of the Bloomingdale, NJ location. As their Senior Technical Specialist, I work with seismic and wind certifications of mechanical and electrical products that are installed into buildings. My favorite part about my position is determining new, better, and more effective ways to solve complex engineering problems and passing this new knowledge onto the younger engineering staff. My favorite part about working for VMC Group is that this company has the best and most qualified staff that I have seen in my 37 years of Engineering. I have been an Engineer for 37 years and want to keep working as one until retirement beckons. There are so many good memories here and very few bad ones!

Edward C.

I have been with the VMC group for a little over 4 years, working out of the Bloomingdale, NJ location. I started interning as a drafter while attending Rutgers University and joined the Applications Team after graduation. I currently work as an applications engineer, where my main responsibility is to provide submittals and isolation/seismic restraint calculation packages for our clients. As an applications engineer, I find myself learning new skills and receiving assistance from the rest of my coworkers to better understand concepts and innovative solutions. This company has been so kind and helpful to me throughout these years, between working with my school schedule and allowing me to grow. I am very grateful and happy to be a part of the team!

Shelsea J.