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The VMC Group

Board of Directors

The VMC Group’s Board of Directors is responsible for supervision of the overall affairs of the company. The Board is bound by the charter and by laws of the company and is comprised of a strong, balanced blend of skills and experience, allowing it to offer guidance in the core markets we serve.

Our experienced Board members include: 

Richard C. Berger, Director 2005 - 2017 In Memoriam

Our friend and valued colleague, Richard C. Berger, Chairman of The VMC Group passed away in May of 2017. Richard served as Chairman of Vibration Mountings & Controls, Inc., from 2005-2017.

Richard was not only an excellent colleague and Chairman, but also an extraordinary person. His positive outlook on life was both unequivocal and infectious. He left a lasting impression on everyone he encountered and he is deeply missed.

Richard was a renowned member of the shock, vibration and seismic control community. He developed and designed many patented products for the industry and was a foremost expert in seismic restraint. In 1997, he cofounded VMC East, a leading vibration sales company.

In 2005, Richard helped acquire The VMC Group. His guidance continued to help customers achieve the continuous "intended function" of a facility after a seismic or wind event. A frequent lecturer on seismic control of nonstructural building components and the IBC Code, Richard traveled the country to help educate others.

Most importantly, Richard was known best for his willingness to help others. At The VMC Group, he will forever been remembered for his generous nature and ability to lift up those around him.

Richard is survived by his loving wife, Susan; his son, Blake; daughter, Merisa and son in law, Frank.

John Wilson, Jr., Director Since 2005

Chief Executive Officer, The VMC Group. Mr. Wilson thrives on ‘the art of the deal’.  Within 4 years of his career, he initiated and negotiated financial transactions valued at over $50m. His talent lies in creating the market for a product or service, assembling the team, and then, profitably developing and selling that product or service.  

In 1997 John cofounded VMC East, a leading vibration sales company and in 8 years, grew sales from $100k to $3 million.  In 2005, he acquired The VMC Group with sales of $16 million and continuously delivers profits on over $40 million in sales.  In 2006, he led the acquisition of Amber/Booth Co., in Houston, Texas to add to The VMC Group’s strategy to deliver engineered solutions to their growing global client base. The following year, he led the joint venture with IDC International in Puerto Rico to save a product line with declining margins and brought it to profitability. 

His visionary leadership enhanced The VMC Group’s competitive edge by acquiring California’s OSHPD approval for VMC’s seismically rated vibration isolation product line, which enhanced The VMC Group’s competitive edge. He patented The VMC Group’s IBC® Signature Methodology to assure successful completion of IBC® and/or OSP certification and obtained the patent for ‘TeleCurb’ allowing VMC to compete in the national and international marketplace.  

John Wilson is tenacious in every aspect of business and continually inspires a culture of employee engagement.His humility and entrepreneurial approach have driven him to deliver remarkable outcomes around the globe with joint ventures in India, China and Taiwan. 

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John P Giuliano, Director Since 2005

President, The VMC Group. Mr. Giuliano brings over 29 years of hands on engineering expertise to the Executive team.  Mr. Giuliano has a vast background in engineering and sales along with extensive expertise in vibration isolation and seismic restraint products. When combined with his ERP Systems savvy, this experience provides the Executive Team with deep visibility into the operations of the business. Mr. Giuliano’s practical and pragmatic approach allows for expanded business development and the maintenance of long standing customer relationships. He was instrumental in creating and growing the Special Seismic Certification market, which includes the OSHPD (Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development) market.  Mr. Giuliano’s credibility, reputation, and visibility within the industry affords The VMC Group the opportunity to grow in this expanded area of special seismic certifications.

Mr. Giuliano was instrumental in promoting The VMC Group as a founding member of VISCMA (Vibration Isolation and Seismic Controls Manufacturers Association), and is currently its President-Elect. This association has afforded an inside track to the industry’s challenges and future.  Mr. Giuliano’s dynamic involvement with additional industry associations, including the role of a Committee Member of ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers), ICBO (International Conference of Building Officials), and BSSC (Building Seismic Safety Council) combined with his business management experience provides the unique opportunity to enhance the visibility of the technical expertise of the VMC Group.  

Tom Steele, Director Since 2005

Executive Vice President, The VMC Group. Mr. Steele has over 30 years of experience in the noise, vibration and seismic industry in both manufacturing and installation.  He devotes his expertise to The VMC Group and T. Steele Construction, a company Mr. Steele founded in 1998. 

As an active, hands on executive of The VMC Group, Mr. Steele participates in nearly every stage of the manufacturing process while directing all Plant Operations.  Mr. Steele manages all of the seismic testing programs that are run for The VMC Group’s clients at the Berkeley University Seismological Lab.  Mr. Steele has successfully designed and implemented a reorganization of manufacturing processes in the Houston, Texas and Bloomingdale, New Jersey facilities and his efforts have resulted in streamlined operations. He actively participates in problem solving labor and operational issues.  Mr. Steele’s invaluable experience and expertise is integral to the profitability and expansion of The VMC Group.

James J Nizzo, Director Since 2005 

Mr. Nizzo brings over 30 years of tax expertise and financial strategy to The VMC Group’s Board of Directors. An accomplished entrepreneur, he is a visionary Tax Accountant specializing in Real Estate. His nontraditional approach to tax strategy and his ability to identify opportunities for financial growth have proven to be a valuable asset in his career. 

Mr. Nizzo’s entrepreneurial spirit was actualized while obtaining his Bachelors of Business Administration degree at Pace University. He established his own accounting firm, shortly after graduating. Currently, he focuses on value-added properties when investing in acquisitions of commercial, retail and multifamily properties in order to embrace their maximum potential value. Mr. Nizzo is a demonstrated visionary in his field and has mastered the ability to create and market new opportunities. He offers the VMC Board a unique perspective that focuses on the big picture in the realization of financial goals. 

John Vota, Director Since 2005 

Mr. Vota is a graduate of Columbia University and the Columbia University School of Law, John Vota brings over 25 years of broad, hands-on career experience, strategy and leadership to The VMC Group’s Board of Directors.  Mr. Vota’s  extensive expertise encompasses many key areas of business throughout his work history in securities law legal, capital markets, private equity, investment banking, mergers, and acquisitions,, debt financings, recapitalizations and restructurings, operating businesses, and principal investing. 

Mr. Vota worked for and has served as an advisor to Fortune 500 companies as well as personally owning and investing in over 35 different businesses.  He has participated in over 75 acquisitions, financings, and dispositions sales as an investor in and advisor to in middle market and lower-middle market businesses. Mr. Vota brings a unique perspective to the VMC Board with his competitive knowledge of operational, financial, transactional and strategic issues.

Peter Schwab, Director Since 2016   

Mr. Schwab brings to The VMC Group Board of Directors over 32 years of diverse experience in assisting companies with mergers, acquisitions and restructurings. Mr. Schwab has extensive, hands-on expertise in many areas of business, specifically distribution, and has held numerous executive positions in major finance companies including serving as President, COO, National Head of Restructuring and Senior Member of Restructuring Group.

Mr. Schwab received a bachelor’s degree in economics and Russian as well as a master’s degree in accounting from Rice University.

Lee Bowen, Director Since 2016     

Mr. Bowen is a seasoned banking professional with over 35 years of experience.  He is a Managing Director at Fifth Third Bank, and during his tenure at the Bank provided acquisition financing and currently oversees a portfolio mix in Colorado, California and Texas crossing a variety of industries.  He specializes in finding solutions to unconventional financing situations.   Lee brings relevant real-world experience creating strategic strategies to a myriad of financial decisions.  

He holds an undergraduate degree from American University and a MBA from the University of Denver.  In his free time, Mr. Bowen supports the mental health community and Rocky Mountain MS Center