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Architectural Non-Seismic

The VMC Group offers a wide range of architectural isolation products that will control the transmission of noise and vibration throughout a building structure. These disturbances can radiate through virtually any part of the structure - walls, floors or ceilings.  The VMC Group products are designed to increase the sound transmission loss (STL) characteristics of standard building materials by separating walls, floors and ceilings from the building itself, creating a room within a room construction.

Non-Seismic architectural isolation products come in pads, neoprene and spring isolators.



LPNH Low Profile Neoprene Hangers
Low profile neoprene hangers.
LPRH Low Profile Rubber Hangers
Low profile rubber hangers.
LPSH Low Profile Spring Hangers
Low profile spring hangers.
LPRSH Low Profile Rubber and Spring Hangers
Low profile rubber and spring hangers.
RHC/RHDC Neoprene Hanger with Tabs
Neoprene hanger with tabs.
SHSC Spring Hanger with Tabs
Spring hanger with tabs.
RSHSC Rubber and Spring Hangers
Rubber and spring hangers.
ANFF Jack-Up Neoprene Floating Floor Isolator
Jack-up neoprene floating floor isolator.
ASFF Jack-Up Spring Floating Floor Isolator
Jack-up spring floating floor isolator.
HCWR Jack-up Wire Rope Floor Isolator
Jack-up wire rope floor isolator.
WAB Wall Angle Bracket
Wall angle bracket.
WIB Wall Isolation Brace
Wall isolation brace.
TMRB Neoprene Isolation Isolator
Neoprene isolation isolator.
MWIP Wall Isolation Pad
Wall isolation pad.
QFFN Neoprene Isolator
Neoprene isolator.
QFFG Fiberglass Block
Fiberglass block.
NCM Neoprene Isolator
Neoprene isolator.
Floor Drain
Floor drain.
Perimeter Board
Perimeter board.
SCE Perimeter Sponge
Perimeter sponge.
Tremco Dymonic® Caulk With Backer Rod
Caulk with backer rod.