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The VMC Group encompasses two of the most recognized and respected brands in the Military/Aerospace industries - Korfund Dynamics spring and elastomeric isolators and Aeroflex International wire rope isolators. For decades, we have been providing engineered solutions specific to the requirements of these demanding industries. We are one of only a handful of suppliers who provide both of these product types globally.

As technology has evolved over the years for aerospace and military equipment and ordinances have become more stringent, the transportation of critical machinery has become a significant challenge. More sophisticated and intelligent systems, coupled with the necessity to minimize costs, have resulted in equipment being built structurally lighter, with increasingly sensitive electronic systems. These trends have driven the need for shock and vibration isolation to be built into the platform of the equipment. Traditionally isolation and shock systems were built to protect the foundations and structures where the equipment operated. Now, the transportation of the equipment and the over-the-road forces they are subject to, have driven and led to the mandate that shock and vibration isolators be used during transportation.

As we entered the 21st century, even missiles became more susceptible to over the road vibration and shock. For example, missile guidance systems are electronically driven. They are no longer in a steel casing with contained explosives. They are highly sophisticated aircraft requiring extreme sensitivity during transport.

The VMC Group's extensive range of elastomeric isolators and pads limit the transmission of structure-borne vibration and impacts. Our wire rope isolators resolve shock and vibration issues in virtually any demanding environment. For military and aerospace applications, our wire rope passive isolation systems require no maintenance, use minimal space, and remain functional in both varying temperatures and corrosive environments. They put to rest the notion that a single isolator cannot handle both your shock and vibration attenuation requirements.

The VMC Group has a complete range of standard wire rope and elastomeric shock and vibration isolation systems. We also supply a wide array of custom engineered solutions for the aerospace, marine, ground vehicle, weapon systems, shelter and shipping container markets.

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