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The VMC Group's isolation products - spring, elastomeric and wire rope isolators - provide custom solutions for industrial OEM markets. The power generation, material handling, vehicular, commercial marine, truck, bus, rail, offshore and shipping container markets all require robust, high performance isolators. Since 1923, The VMC Group has engineered solutions to meet the demands of these diverse markets. 

VMC offers a broad range of spring and elastomeric isolators and hangers that will limit the transmission of vibration, impact and noise. Vibration and instability can shorten the life of equipment and cause noise disturbances. The VMC Group's isolation products are designed to prolong equipment life while minimizing unwanted noise and vibration. 

The VMC Group specializes in custom engineered solutions of elastomers in the OEM Industrial sectors. We operate an onsite engineering test lab with rapid prototype molding capabilities. These capabilities allow us to accelerate the design through first article inspection process. Testing, product samples and first run production lots are all completed onsite domestically. After initial testing and production is complete, the product can be manufactured offshore at one of The VMC Group's many facilities.

In addition to our custom engineered solutions and rapid development process, we offer a full range of standard, extremely versatile elastomeric compounds. These compounds can be cut or molded into almost any shape and are available in a wide range of stiffnesses to meet specific isolation and load-bearing requirements.

The VMC Group's wire rope isolators resolve shock and vibration issues in virtually any application. Shock and vibration disturbances erode the life of mechanical and industrial equipment and drive it from service long before necessary. An elastic element wire rope isolator affords attenuation of vibration disturbances. When a shock load is applied, the mount softens and deforms. This displacement reduces the acceleration level through the controlled buckling of the wire rope loops.

The VMC Group's complete range of isolation products and custom engineered solutions are ideal for demanding industrial OEM environments.

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