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With one of the most comprehensive product lines in the shock and vibration industry, we’re going to use this area of our site to feature a product from our extensive and innovative collection of springs, elastomers and cable type isolators. 

Miami-Dade County, Florida Notice of Acceptance 13-0207.01
Type “P” Series Isolation Rails | Type “R” Series Isolation Rails
TeleCurb® Series Isolation Curbs

Image of P Series Isolation CurbVMC Group’s “P” Series Curbs, “R” Series Rails and TeleCurb® are now Approved per Miami-Dade County NOA for Wind Loads. These curbs are high quality, fully adjustable support systems specifically designed for rooftop unit vibration isolation and seismic/wind restraint.

The roof-curbs and rails resist the effects of wind and seismic loading to restrain the unit in place. All curbs incorporate a means of attachment for the AHU and to attach to building support structure. The “P” Series Curbs, “R” Series Rails and TeleCurb® curbs can be used in Risk Category IV Structures for Wind Loads up to and exceeding the code maximum of 186 mph. Most of the curbs have been seismic shake table tested to validate their seismic and wind load allowable.VMC Group floor stands incorporate structural steel sections with restraint or isolation mounting brackets as well as factory installed mounting brackets for attaching the equipment to the stand. While all VMC Group floor stands are designed to incorporate a variety of isolators and restraints, there are standard options. Each isolator offered has independent adjustment of up to 1.5" so the stand can be easily adjusted to account for out-of-level floors. Also, an optional turning vane can be built into any of our floorstands.

VMC Group offers a full line of standard and customized roof curbs for rooftop air handling equipment. All curbs incorporate a means of attachment for the AHU and to attach to building support structure. Each unit incorporates both the roof curb and spring isolation (where applicable) into one complete structure. VMC engineers design each curb and rail to custom fit rooftop mechanical equipment.

Spring deflections up to 3 inches can be specified to compensate for large floor spans, and spring pockets are positioned within the curb at the correct load points for proper support and seismic restraint. All spring pockets incorporate a minimum 1/4" neoprene cup or pad in series with the spring to provide optimum isolation efficiency.

Pricing and quotations are available through your exclusive VMC Group Representative or by calling our factory at 1-800-LOW-VIBE or