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The VMC Group
You'll find VMC Group Products hard at work on major construction and development projects around the world.  The below spotlight features a few of our core products in combination with our engineering services on a commercial construction project in New York City.  Check back often to learn more about where The VMC Group products and services are being utilized globally.

NYC Crossfit Facility Taps Expertise of The VMC Group

The landscape of New York City has been in place for many years. With limited land available for new commercial construction, many businesses retrofit existing commercial space to make it suitable to their needs. Customization of space is ultimately driven by how it will be utilized and how this utilization will impact neighboring residences and businesses.

The VMC Group has carved a niche for itself in providing custom engineered solutions to businesses that contend with noise and vibration issues. The vibration isolation solutions developed, allow businesses such as fitness centers, to occupy commercial space without disturbing other occupants of the building.

A new Cross Fit facility in NYC called on The VMC Group to help retrofit their commercial space to minimize the noise, shock and vibration caused by the intense exercises performed by its members. To get started, The VMC Group’s Engineering Services Division did a site assessment on the space, followed by a subfloor design that would dissipate and transfer noise, shock and vibration away from neighboring spaces.

Utilizing VMC Group products from multiple industries, VMC Group engineers suggested an isolation system that consisted of CB Series wire rope isolators to absorb and dissipate shock loads and dampen energy and traditional T Series spring isolators in custom housings to encase shock and control low frequency vibrations.

Once the engineering design was approved and the permitting process complete, The VMC Group manufactured the wire rope isolators, spring isolators, housings and structural members for the subfloor, then oversaw the installation. Once assembled, the concrete was poured, leveled and allowed to cure before setting the floor into its final position. The project was completed by placement of rubber mats over the new floor, followed by placement of the equipment.

The subfloor, finished in August 2014, has been welcomed by neighbors in the building who appreciate the reduction in noise, shock and vibration. It was installed by T. Steele Construction LLC of New York The VMC Group has also worked with fitness facilities such as NY Sports Clubs, Clay Fitness and the Marriott Marquis to successfully dampen noise and vibration issues caused by high impact exercises and exercise equipment.

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