The VMC Group
The VMC Group


The VMC Group includes four iconic names that have defined the advancement of passive vibration isolation and shock control technologies over the last century. In fact, Vibration Mountings & Controls, Inc. (VMC), Aeroflex International Isolators, Korfund Dynamics and Amber/Booth are brands recognized worldwide for offering state-of-the-art solutions for vibration isolation, seismic control and shock protection.

Name an industry and we’re most likely the go-to specification for engineers looking for a full range of spring, elastomeric, architectural mounts, wire rope isolators, curbs and bases. Plus our mechanical and structural engineers are sought out by manufacturers and project managers because of our reputation for the highest industry-recognized credentials in structural analysis, elastomer development, machine design and system dynamics.

In fact, our expertise has helped drive not just our company, but the passive vibration isolation industry as a whole for the past 10 decades. A timeline of key events follows.

The Early Years


Korfund begins business in Germany. Founder Dr. Hugo Stoessel creates the company’s name out of two German words – Kork Fundament – which translates in English to Cork Foundations, an apt descriptor of the products and services the company developed.  Korfund cork plates and vibration absorbers are viewed as the beginning of the vibration control industry. 


Dr. Stoessel comes to America and incorporates Korfund in New York on April Fools’ Day. When he returns to Germany in the mid-Twenties, he leaves the company in the hands of Seigfried Rosenzweig. A prolific inventor and writer, Rosenzweig soon becomes the face of isolation innovation in America and worldwide.


Russian emigrant and mechanic George Margolis (Aeroflex founder) does final check of ignition on Charles Lindbergh’s airplane, the Spirit of St. Louis, prior to Lindbergh’s record-setting, cross-Atlantic flight to Paris.


Sam Kahn and B.H. Dorne leave Korfund to start Vibration Eliminator Company to specialize in the development and marketing of rubber mountings and bases with rubber isolators for fans and pumps to the HVAC industry, primarily selling to HVAC manufacturers and mechanical contractors.


Korfund (Rosenzweig) invents and patents the first Vibration Damper (US1998206).


Rosenzweig writes Isolation, Volume 5, Number 1 which includes in-depth articles and diagrams on “Elementary Considerations of Vibration Control” and “Vibration Isolation by Means of Steel Springs.”


George Margolis starts a small company in Long Island, New York specializing in custom spark plugs for automobile racing. Margolis soon hears of a problem confronting aviators commissioned to make the world’s first photographic aerial maps. Vibration of the cameras caused the images to blur. Working with the aviators, Margolis designed an ingenious rubber camera mount to steady the cameras in flight. His invention patent starts Aeroflex.


Korfund (Rosenzweig) invents and patents the first Shock Proof Isolator (US2281955).


Aeroflex expands technologies to assist the U.S. Military in improving aerial surveillance of strategic targets.


Korfund (Rosenzweig) invents and patents the Vibroisolator – the first structure to effectively absorb vibration in a vertical direction as well as resisting shocks in a horizontal direction.


Norm Mason joins Korfund as a Vibration Control Sales Engineer. Mason proceeds to expand Korfund’s isolation products.  

The Cold War Years – 1950-1970


Jack Spachner and Bernie Ross, former Korfund New York City Reps, leave Jayburn Engineering to form Vibration Mountings & Controls Inc. (VMC).

Joining Spachner and Ross at this start-up company are engineer Tony Slota and sales representative Harold Harris from Korfund. Engineer Norm Mason also joins as a junior partner. The firm’s specialty is assisting manufacturers to reduce heavy equipment vibration and noise from affecting neighboring businesses and residential areas.


Richard Batherman, a VMC sales representative covering the New Jersey territory, forms Vico Company.

Aeroflex expands from aerospace into developing the integrated circuitry needed to enable the electronic advancements for jet aircraft.


Norm Mason leaves VMC with chief engineer Tony Slota and sales engineer Harold Harris to form Mason Industries, Inc.


Stu Levy becomes president of Vibration Eliminator Co., a position he still holds today.


John Marshall and Bernard Fallon of Marshall, Neil and Pauley, former Vibration Mountings and Controls, Inc. representatives, start Amber Products to meet the vibration isolation needs for the Houston oil industry, as well as local commercial isolation needs. Bob Booth, a vibration isolation consultant, joins the company soon thereafter to assist in the engineering and development of isolation systems for underground communications stations to effectively survive a bomb attack.


Amber Products changes name to Amber/Booth.

Aeroflex introduces a line of motors and movement-cushioning isolators to meet demands of enhanced camera stability through space travel. Aeroflex technologies play important role in early moon probe efforts and lunar simulators used by astronauts for training purposes.

Aeroflex starts the design, development and production of stabilization tracking devices and systems.

The Seismic Generation – 1970-Today


Amber/Booth begins development of seismic restraint system for use on the West Coast.


Amber/Booth begins use of rubber and fiberglass shock and isolation systems for subway and train systems throughout the U.S. to effectively eliminate shock on area buildings.


Amber/Booth develops and manufactures first cable restraint system for use on piping and ductwork to meet new seismic requirements. John Marshall retires.


Aeroflex acquires Vibration Mountings and Controls, Inc. (VMC)


Aeroflex acquires the operating assets of Korfund (now called Korfund Dynamics Corporation).


Bernie Fallon retires at Amber/Booth and Kim Salls takes over as owner.


Richard Berger and John Wilson Jr. found VMC East, a vibration sales company, and quickly grow it into a multi-million dollar business. Richard Berger was a previous owner in Mason Berger East and is the nephew of Norm Mason.


Vibration Mountings and Controls, Inc. recognizes the need and begins to provide IBC® certification services to manufacturers of non-structural building components.


The VMC Acquisition Group acquired the New Jersey-based Vibration Mountings and Controls, Inc. from Aeroflex. Under the management of this new leadership team Vibration Mountings and Controls will continue to successfully serve their customers and maintain their position as a leader in the marketplace.

Members of The VMC Acquisition Group have an existing working relationship with this division which will place Vibration Mountings and Controls, Inc. in an excellent position to continue to serve their customers with the highest of standards. Members of the new leadership team for Vibration Mountings and Controls, Inc. include: Chairman Richard C. Berger, Chief Executive Officer John Wilson, President John P. Giuliano, Executive Vice President Tom Steele, and Managing Director James J. Nizzo.


Vibration Mountings and Controls, Inc. unites three of the best known brands in vibration isolation: Vibration Mountings and Controls, Inc., Aeroflex International Isolators and Korfund Dynamics under one corporate umbrella.


The VMC Acquisition Group acquires Vibration Isolation Products of Texas (VIP-TX), the parent company of Amber/Booth.

The VMC Group now united four of the best known brands in vibration isolation: Vibration Mountings and Controls, Inc., Aeroflex International Isolators, Korfund Dynamics and Amber/Booth under one roof.


The VMC Group enters into a definite agreement with IDC International, Inc. headquartered in Puerto Rico.


The VMC Group receives certification as a Certified Seismic Qualification Agency. This certification process ensures the policies and procedures of an engineering firm are implemented to ensure quality certification services are provided and in accordance with code intentions.


The VMC Group recapitalizes to enhance the expansion of its Engineering Services, IBC® Certification department.


The VMC Group opens a new office in Sacramento to test and certify non-structural building components for IBC® certification as well as OSHPD pre-approval.


The VMC Group works with Factory Mutual (FM) to obtain FM Approval for Seismic Sway Brace Components, assuring engineers and installers that they have passed the rigorous testing required to earn this certification.


The VMC Group launches to assist engineers worldwide to identify manufacturer products that have successfully completed IBC® Seismic Certification.


The VMC Group unveils new corporate brand across all internal and external communications materials.

The VMC Group launches new corporate website,, as a dynamic resource for engineering consultants, architects and distributors in the commercial construction, HVAC, industrial/vehicular, OEM, and military/aerospace industries.

The VMC Group launches new Apple and Android mobile device Apps that mirrors the search, sort and function features of the leading online resource for IBC® certified products –

Today, The VMC Group is recognized worldwide as a leader in the design and manufacture of vibration isolation and seismic energy management technologies, and as a go-to provider for IBC® Seismic Certification for Fortune 500 manufacturers of HVAC, power generation and fire protection systems.